Tuesday, December 30, 2014

1953 8th Grade Columbian Junior High School Graduation

      Students above: Top row left to right: 1) unknown, 2) Peter Locey, 3) Elliot Peterkin, 4) Wayne Clifton,      5) Douglas Jones, 6) unknown, 7) unknown, 8) Donald Burke, 9) Larry Mills, 10) Richard Anderson;
Middle row: 1) Joan Aloia, 2) unknown, 3) unknown, 4) unknown, 5) unknown, 6) unknown, 7) unknown, 8) Sally Salasky (sp?), 9) Barbara Ann Quinn (?), 10) Winnie Brandt
Bottom row: 1) Jane Martino, 2) unknown, 3) Mildred Frane (sp?), 4) Barbara Louise Quinn, 5) Unknown, 6) unknown, 7) unknown, 8) unknown

Saturday, December 27, 2014

1961 8th Grade Graduation, Columbian Junior High School

Program courtesy of 1961 grad John Petrocelli

 Above: Former Stockton students: Carl Aiken (2nd row from top, 3rd from left), Tommy Aiken (4th from left), Alison Bedkowski (5th from left), Yvonne Patterson (2nd row from top, 6th from right), Warren Davis (Top row, 5th from right)

Above: Former Stockton students: Lee Neal (3rd row, 4th from left), Robert Cunliffe (3rd row, 5th from left). John Tenney (5th row, 6th from left), Pat Quinn (4th row, 6th from left), Sandra Ruffin (6th row, 3rd from right), John Petrocelli (3rd row, 1st on right), Peter Rullo (3rd row, 6th from right).

Above: Former Stockton students: Janice Harris (3rd row, 4th from right), John Petrocelli (3rd row,3rd from left)

                                 Photos courtesy of 1961 grad George Coppola