Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Eagle Rock

Above: a modern view of Midtown Manhattan from Eagle Rock

1853 --  Llewellyn Haskell  buys the old farmhouse belonging to Henry Walker.
1854  --  Haskell begins building his house, the Eyrie (meaning the nest of a bird of prey), on the foundation of Henry Walker's old farmhouse.  The house was designed by famous architect Alexander Jackson Davis.  Haskell founded nearby Llewellyn Park, America's first planned community. He had wanted Eagle Rock to be part of Llewellyn Park, but that did not come to pass.
1860  --  the New York Illustrated News published a wood engraving of Eagle Rock, the earliest depiction of the rock.
1860  --  the gate house at the main entrance to Llewellyn Park designed to look like the Eyrie.
1872  -- death of Llewellyn Haskell.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our Lady of All Souls Grammar School

The Church of Our Lady of All Souls School was founded in the Ampere section in 1914 and the Rev. John J. Murphy established the school in 1928 at the intersection of N Grove St and 4th Avenue.

Our Lady of All Souls Alumni website

Clifford J Scott High School

The city’s second high school was largely the creation of the man whose name it bears,
Clifford J. Scott. Dr. Scott was superintendent of schools from 1921 until his death in
1936. Construction plans for the new school were approved on July 6, 1936 and the school opened in 1937. The location chosen was a site on the corner of Renshaw Avenue and North Clinton Street and the style is colonial.