Friday, April 24, 2015

Debating Whether East Orange Should Accept a Carnegie Library

From the New York Times January 26, 1900:

But the offer from Andrew Carnegie was accepted and the East Orange Carnegie Library below opened in January 1903.

Re. the Orange/Stickler Library, mentioned in the article, from a history of Essex County: "The laying of the corner stone of the present library [Stickler library] took place at Essex Avenue and Main Street, June 25, 1900."

1916 East Orange High Yearbook

Photos from the 1916 Syllabus, the East Orange High School yeabook; more from the yearbook here.

                                                      Girls Physical Training Association

                                                                            Football Team

                                                                 Basketball Team

                                                                  Cross Country Team

                                                                    Baseball Team

                                                                       News Staff

More links to the 1916 yearbook here.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Lincoln-Mayflower Building

Above and below: C1575 9/4/1913

One of the most significant landmarks in the Grove Street Lackawanna station neighborhood for 60 years was the building that, in its final years, was called the Lincoln-Mayflower Storage Building. It was the tallest structure in the area and was on a high piece of ground. It was built about 1912 and was knocked down in the early 1970's during construction of I-280.

                                          Above: 9/4/1913 soon after the building was completed

The building was originally operated as "J Dietrich Inc Fireproof Storage Warehouse"

 Below: detail from C2743, 6/17/1915

Above: C3017, 10/21/1915

Below: C3018 10/21/1915

                    Above X1841: By 3/15/1921 it was called the Lincoln Storage Warehouse

                                                              Below X2361, 1/26/1922
                                                           Above: detail from X2364 1/26/1922

                                                          Below: detail from X2639 8/22/1922

                                                             Below X3385, 4/4/1924

 Above X2366 looking ENE from roof of Lincoln Storage Warehouse, Sacred Heart Cathedral in center distance, one mile away 1/26/1922

Below X2367 looking W from roof of Lincoln Storage Warehouse, The Grove Apartments in foreground, Commonwealth Building at Arlington Ave and Main St in distant center  1/26/1922