Monday, February 22, 2016

The Car Barn

Above: looking NNE from Sussex Avenue area toward Main St in East Orange (where Orange St in Newark became Main St in East Orange)


                                     Above and  Below: the area on a 1911 map

                           Below: looking north from Sussex Avenue toward Main Street

                                                     Below: The Car Barn on an 1895 map

                                          Above: The Car Barn on an 1895 map

                                                     Below: 1892 map

                             Above: looking south from Main Street toward Sussex Avenue

                             Below: looking SSW from Main St toward Sussex Avenue

                                                                      Below: 1932 map

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Cloverlie

The Cloverlie was at 75 Lenox Avenue facing S. Walnut Street and it appears on an 1895 map where Lenox is called Orange Avenue.

Charles Jacob Vrooman, the second principal (1908-1922) of Stockton School lived at The Cloverlie until his death in 1922.

Above: The house shown on an 1895 map when Lenox Avenue was named Orange Street/Avenue

Below: The house on a 1911 map at 75 Lenox Avenue

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hotel Francis

Hotel Francis: 65 Prospect Street near SW corner of Prospect Street and Park Avenue

 Above: 1911 map

Below: 1895 map, where it's still listed as a dwelling ("D") rather than a hotel