Friday, August 8, 2014

Brick Church Railroad Station area, 1916-1921

Photos courtesy of Steamtown NHS (National Historic Site) Archives

 Above and below, April, 1921: buildings on the north side of the RR at the NW intersection of Railroad Place and Washington Place; the building on the left is shown being torn down in a 10/1921 photo (X2201)

                                Below: Railroad Plaza, north side of RR in Brick Church

Above (C3224), 1916
Below (X1926), 1921, Prospect Place

Above (C3220), 1916, south side of Mckinley Avenue between Halstead St and Evergreen Place

 Above: looking NW toward South Harrison Street; Orange Brewery in distance at left, top; steeple of Trinity Congregational Church on right over building

                           Below: looking WSW toward intersection of RR and South Harrison Street

                                    Below: looking west, Orange Brewery in left distance

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