Monday, February 8, 2016

The Cloverlie

The Cloverlie was at 75 Lenox Avenue facing S. Walnut Street and it appears on an 1895 map where Lenox is called Orange Avenue.

Charles Jacob Vrooman, the second principal (1908-1922) of Stockton School lived at The Cloverlie until his death in 1922.

Above: The house shown on an 1895 map when Lenox Avenue was named Orange Street/Avenue

Below: The house on a 1911 map at 75 Lenox Avenue

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hotel Francis

Hotel Francis: 65 Prospect Street near SW corner of Prospect Street and Park Avenue

 Above: 1911 map

Below: 1895 map, where it's still listed as a dwelling ("D") rather than a hotel

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Double-Duty Finger Guild

A program to train and employ the blind at the Crocker-Wheeler factory in East Orange was started by company president Schuyler Wheeler in 1917 at the NE corner of N 15th Street and Park Avenue.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Ruth Lindsay, Founder of the Candy Stripers

In 1944 teacher Ruth Lindsay started the volunteer organization known as the Candy Stripers at Vernon L Davey Junior High School.  By the late 1950's, Miss Lindsay was a teacher at East Orange High School and had moved the program there.

                          Above: Miss Ruth Lindsay in the 1944 Vernon L Davey yearbook

                              The girls volunteered at East Orange General Hospital.

                              Below: from the 1958 East Orange High School yearbook

Friday, April 24, 2015

Debating Whether East Orange Should Accept a Carnegie Library

From the New York Times January 26, 1900:

But the offer from Andrew Carnegie was accepted and the East Orange Carnegie Library below opened in January 1903.

Re. the Orange/Stickler Library from a history of Essex County: "The laying of the corner stone of the present library [Stickler library] took place at Essex Avenue and Main Street, June 25, 1900."

1916 East Orange High Yearbook

Photos from the 1916 Syllabus, the East Orange High School yeabook; more from the yearbook here.

                                                      Girls Physical Training Association

                                                                            Football Team

                                                                 Basketball Team

                                                                  Cross Country Team

                                                                    Baseball Team

                                                                       News Staff

More links to the 1916 yearbook here.