Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ampere Lackawanna Station Area, 1915/16

                     Above: looking north on North 18th Street across intersection of 18th Street,                                                                        Springdale Avenue, and the railroad

                                Below: looking NW across Springdale Avenue intersection

      Above and below: looking east on Springdale Avenue toward Newark, Crocker-Wheeler to right, Hotel                                                                      Ampere to left

Above: looking southeast, Crocker-Wheeler on left, Ward Bakery in distant center with tall smoke stack

Below: Ampere Station with the newly  Ward's Bakery in background

Above: Hotel Ampere at corner of Springdale Avenue and Division Streeet

Below: looking NW along railroad toward Springdale Avenue with firehouse at intersecton of railroad and Springdale Avenue
             Below: left side, looking SE on Ampere Plaza; right side, looking south on Centerway street
Below: the above building on a 1911 map

                        Above: looking NW with Crocker-Wheeler on right and Ampere Station on left

                                                            Below: looking SE

                                                           Above and below: looking SE

Above: looking SE across Springdale Avenue

Below: Firehouse #4 at intersection of railroad and Springdale Ave. This building was moved a few hundred feet and eventually became the Ampere Library

Below: looking NW toward the Springdale Avenue intersection

Above: old station (1890-circa 1905)

below: new station (circa 1905-1921)

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