Friday, May 27, 2011

Neighborhood Kids 1950's

Circa 1953: Left to right: Gerald Kamowski, Yvonne Klika, Jeff Smith, Jimmy Klika, small boy (name unknown; well, not remembered); the Klikas were our next door neighbors and moved to Belleville and then to Bloomfield in the 1950's

Above: circa 1951, Jeff Smith and Mark Lewis, backyard of 141 William Street. In the early 1950's, the Lewis family, Stan, Phyllis, and children Mark and Margie, moved to Caldwell and then to Mendham (Ironia Road).

The Draney family, Kenneth, Margaret, and son Bobby, then moved into that home. Robert Draney was a 1961 graduate of East Orange High.

Above: circa 1951, Jeff Smith and Cocker Spaniel named Blackie, back steps of 145 William St.

Some other neighborhood kids and Stockton students remembered from the 1950's but without blog photos: Nancy Ferrer (moved to Chatham and then Tommy and Carl Aiken's family moved into that William St house), Stevie Trask, Janice Harris, Yvonne Patterson, John Walker, Tommy Cosgrove (moved to Nutley about 1959), Don Orne, Johnny Rich and Maureen Rich (brother and sister who moved away in late 1950's, possibly to FL), Roger Young and Robin Young, twin brothers who lived on Vernon Terrace, Frank Wallenstein, Johnny Petrocelli, Warren Davis, John Lapoint, Chuckie Titus, Oscar McBride, Martha Vanderhoof (moved to Livingston about 1959). The 1965 EOHS yearbook is available on the East Orange Public Library site with senior photos of above students Janice Harris, Yvonne Patterson, Warren Davis, and Carl Aiken plus senior photos of students whose childhood photos appear in other posts on this blog including Sandra Ruffin, Pat Quinn, Robert Cunliffe, Tommy Aiken, and Alison Bedkowski.


  1. Circa 1953 picture, the unknown boy is Frank C. Wallenstein, my Daddy.

    1. I remember a Frank Wallenstein, but I thought Frank was about my age and lived near Vernon Place. I thought that the boy in the photo was my younger, next door neighbor and I thought he was Italian; but it was a long time ago and I've been wrong before. I'd like to hear more about Frank.