Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stockton School: Early 20th Century Images

Above: from The School Journal vol. 70, p.488, 1905

Above postcard: view from NW corner of Greenwood Avenue and William Street; this postcard is probably one of the earliest photos available of Stockton (the school opened February 13, 1905): there is no landscaping or fencing so the photo must have been made in 1904 or 1905 at the time of the building's completion and the message is dated May, 1906 by the writer (photo courtesy of Pat Quinn)

Middle postcard photo: View from NE corner of William and 19th, 1911 postmark; printed on other side is "Pub. by Ward's Pharmacy, East Orange, NJ, Made in Germany;" Many late 19th and early 20th century articles refer to the eastern and northeastern sections of East Orange as "Ampere, NJ." 
Bottom postcard photo: View from SE corner of William and 19th; postcard was unmailed and date of photo is unknown; printed on other side is "G Lynn Coursen, Photographer-Publisher, East Orange, NJ"

Below: from a long newspaper article about new schools

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