Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Battery "A" Armory

Built in 1912, the Armory was on North Oraton Parkway between Park Avenue and William Street. The building is still there but was sold by the NJ Military Dept. in 1997 and now serves as "The Islamic Center."

A former Stockton student writes that she remembers going to the Armory to see her uncle, who was in the army reserve,  play indoor polo there. Below is an early 20th century description of the building's interior:

Below: The stone monument was in the grass median on Oraton Parkway in front of the Armory. When the Garden State Parkway was built about 1954, the monument was moved to within a few feet of the front of the Armory. The stone is still there in front of The Islamic Center but the plaque has been removed.
 Postcard view of Battery "A" (circa 1915/1920) and family photo (circa 1951) above are both courtesy of former Stockton student Pat Quinn who lived a few houses from the Armory on its William St side.  

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