Monday, February 9, 2015


Sabloff's confectionary store at 101 Eaton Place was one one of the most important places for kids in the Stockton neighborhood for several decades. It was on the SE corner of Greenwood Avenue and Eaton Place, just a block from Stockton School and a few hundred feet from the Eaton Place entrance to The Oval. The store was best known for ice cream and candy, but it also had magazines, newspapers, comic books, and fountain drinks.

Below: The building (on the left) in 1916 that eventually was Sabloff's; view is looking south along Greenwood Avenue across the Lackawanna railroad toward Main Street

Sidney and Ida Sabloff, both Russian immigrants, operated the store and lived above it.

Below: Herbert Sabloff, son of Sidney and Ida, as a senior in the University of Maryland Dental School yearbook

Here is an image from the 1940 census form. Sidney (8/11/1889-5/1/1967) and Ida Sabloff (12/10/1890-12/1981) were born in Russia. Their son Herbert (8/24/1913-11/1976) is listed as a dentist. Their business is listed as a "confectionary store" on the census form, and it looks like they lived over the store at 101 Eaton Place. Sidney's brother Morris is shown as living with them, and Morris is listed as a widower and shown as living in Berlin in 1935. Looks like he made it out of Germany just in time.

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