Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sarah Catherine Hoper

Miss Sarah Catherine Hoper taught my 6th grade class at Stockton during the 1958/59 school year.

                                Above: Miss Hoper in the 1958 University of Colorado yearbook

Miss Sarah Hoper drove a VW Beetle, and once took me and another student in her car to the Newark Museum to borrow materials to show in our Stockton classroom, my first ride in a Beetle. 

Miss Hoper went on to teach at Harding Township in Morris County.

About December 1961 I was living in SC and my family was watching The Price Is Right (Bill Cullen version) and, to my great surprise, there was Miss Hoper as one of the four contestants with a new, married name, Sarah Hite. She has written me recently that   "teaching that year in 1960-61, one of my students at Harding Township gave me two tickets to see "The Price is Right" daytime show during Christmas vacation. Bob and I went. Those who wished to be contestants were asked to stay, and many of us in the audience did. I was chosen to be a contestant two days hence. It really was a fascinating experience." For many years I had wondered if I had just dreamed that I saw her on tv, and it was reassuring that I hadn't just imagined it.

                                                          Below: Mrs.Hite in 2011

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