Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kentopp School

Kentopp School came into existence about 1961/62 when Stockton School West (the separate building next to The Oval) became a kindergarten to 4th grade elementary school separate from Stockton. Kentopp had over 900 students in 1964/65. It's not clear at this writing if Kentopp included the Stockton School annex across the street. When Kentopp was formed, Stockton became a school with 5th to 7th grades and when Eastern School finally closed in 1965 its 7th and 8th grades were absorbed by Stockton using the Stockton annex.

J. Garfield Jackson became principal of Kentopp in 1962 making him the first African-American principal of a school in East Orange (another source goes further and says first "in Essex County").

Kentopp School was named for Henry Eugene Kentopp who had been East Orange Superintendent of Schools from 1936 to about 1960.

The school has recently had its name changed to the "Mildred Barry Garvin School."

                    Below: Stockton School West in 1959 shortly before it became Kentopp School


  1. Mrs Pratt was a great teacher. Does anyone know what happened to her?

  2. When did kentopp change its name .... What year did it become Mildred barry garvin

    1. Mrs Cahoon was my principal. I went there from 1992-1997 kindergarten to 5th grade. She had it renamed after replacing our former principal

  3. I would love to get in contact with Ms Greenhouse Stockton school..the BEST 5th grade teacher EVER..#lilorphanannie

  4. I was a student at Kentopp in 79. I would love to know any information about my Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Benson