Thursday, September 13, 2012

East Orange Public Schools: 1790's to 1937

Ashland School  (late 18th century on Prospect St behind where Brick Church now stands, then, 1804, corner of Prospect and William) 

Franklin School 1825 (Dodd St and Girard Ave)

Eastern School 1835 (south side of Main St at S. Maple Ave.)

Elmwood School 1870 ("South Ashland" in the former Elmwood Presbyterian Chapel on Central Avenue)

East Orange High School 1890

Columbian School 1892

Nassau School 1899

Stockton School 1905

Lincoln School 1908

Washington School 1912

Vernon L Davey Junior High School 1930

Clifford J Scott High School 1937

History of the schools from the Centennial History of East Orange (pages 36 -43)

Below: 1945 layout of East Orange Schools

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