Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Doddtown in East Orange

Above: looking west on Dodd Street across the Dodd/Prospect intersection

Below: the NW corner of the Dodd/Prospect intersection on a 1911 Sanborn insurance map

Below: looking north across the Dodd/Prospect intersection

Above and below (1930): The East Orange Station on the Erie RR was near the intersection of Dodd St and Prospect St

Below: Brighton Avenue station of the Erie RR (1930 photo)

                Above: looking west on Dodd St across its intersection with North Park St

Below: Postcard postmarked 1908. The photo is looking north along North Park Street from the NE corner of North Park and Dodd.

Above: looking west along Dodd Street where Franklin Avenue (now named Cleveland Terrace) and Fulton Avenue (now, Colonial Terrace) meet Dodd Street; Franklin School would be to photographer's left

Below: the above intersection on a 1911 map

Below: looking east toward Brighton Avenue bridge over 2nd River; Orange branch of Erie Railroad runs alongside river on left; Saint Paul's Church, later known as Holy Name Catholic Church is on right; postcard says"Hamburg Avenue" instead of Brighton, but no mention of a Hamburg Avenue can be seen on maps going back as far as 1895.

Below: the brick building is the public library; the southern end of Watsessing Park is out of view to the right

Below: Ferry Methodist Episcopal Church at the NW corner of  Dodd Street and Cottage Place 

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  1. Still potentially a very nice town and I believe it will soon be restored to it's former grandeur.
    East Orange is at the begining of a renewal, due in large part to its close proximity to Manhattan.