Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Masonic Temple and Ormont Theater

Above: circa 1910

The Masonic Temple opened in 1910 at 506/508 Main Street between Prospect Street and Ashland Avenue, diagonally across from the Halsted Street/Main Street intersection; it was also the known as The Lyceum (a lyceum is a public hall designed for lectures or concerts) in addition to housing the Masonic Hope Lodge and other Masonic lodges. The Lyceum became a movie theater by about May 6, 1916.

Below: circa 1918

In a 1932 city directory the building is still referred to as The Lyceum (under "moving pictures"), but became The Ormont Movie Theater at the end of 1931.  Around that time, a new entrance building was added between the original building and the Main Street sidewalk along with an Ormont Theater marquee. 

Below: circa 1930's

Although the building wasn't constructed until about 1910, announcements of it started appearing in 1902.

Below: From the 1937/38 film almanac

Below: 1949

Below: 1957 ad from Bloomfield newspaper

Below: 1959

Above: 1979 photo courtesy of Bobby Cole

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