Wednesday, September 25, 2013

John Alexander Tenney: In Memorium

One of my best friends at Stockton School during the 3rd through the 5th grades was John Tenney, probably because we shared a similar sarcastic, Mad magazine sense of humor and an interest in nerdy things like science and chess, and in military strategy which we carried out using our collections of toy soldiers.

Below: John, probably in 6th grade

 He lived at 39 North 16th Street between Eaton Place and William St. and, one time, John came to me and said he and another kid had found a source of iron filings, and we did some experiments with the filings and magnetism. At first he wanted to keep the source secret and sold me a jar of filings for 25 cents, but he finally took me to the source, the back lot of a business on Hedden Place next to the Lackawanna Railroad tracks just a couple of blocks from John's home.

John moved away from our neighborhood about 1958 (6th grade), but I recently learned that he ended up going to Columbian School and then Clifford J Scott High.

Above: John as a freshman at Clifford J Scott High School (1961/62)

Below: John in the Photography Club, sophomore year (1962/63)

Above left: John as Mortimer Brewster ( the character played by Cary Grant in the movie) in Arsenic and Old Lace during his junior year (1963/64)

Below: another junior year photo

After finding John in the 1965 Clifford J Scott yearbook and seeing his full name, I immediately had hopes of finding him and getting back in touch, but, unfortunately, an internet search found the following: 

Below: Eureka Times Standard for February 18, 1975

                           Lakewood Hope Chapel Cemetery
                                 Hope Chapel Road
                             Lakewood, NJ Ocean County 

Raymond Parker Tenney    14 Sep 1913   5 Sep 1989         1st LT, US Army, WW II
Ludmilla ( Lund) Tenney  1921          2016            born in Oslo, Norway
John Alexander Tenney  6 Sep 1947    16 Feb 1975    US Navy 1968 - 1972, Antarctica 1970
Charles Parker Tenney              1952          No Date

John's grandfather was born in China, son of an American diplomat and educator, Charles Daniel Tenney

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