Saturday, September 21, 2013

Eastern Hose Co. No. 2

The original Eastern Hose Company #2 firehouse was built on the northern side of Main Street between Grove Street and Greenwood Avenue in 1883 before there was a North Hollywood Avenue (what would become South Hollywood Avenue was Pulaski Street at the time), so it wasn't on a corner at that time. The firehouse was the two story brick building shown below in a 1964 photo and on the 1890 and 1895  maps. 

Above photo from the 1964 Berg collection and is courtesy  of the Newark Public Library

                                                    Below: 1895 Sanborn insurance maps

From an early description: "Eastern Hose Company No. 2. Organized and accepted by the township December 11, 1883; located in brick building, north of Main Street, east of Grove Street. Equipment, on hose wagon (carrying 1,000 feet of hose), two horses, one permanent man. Building contains company room, bunk-room and bath-room." 

Below: an 1890 map showing "Eastern Hose House No2" in the lower right-hand corner

Above: In 1909 the "new" firehouse below was built on the new North Hollywood Ave next to the Lackawanna Station that had been built about 1901. 

Below: the station on 9/4/1913

The 1909 building is shown below on a 1911 Sanborn map and is referred to as Hook and Ladder No. 2 and Chemical No.2.

                                                   Below: 1911 Sanborn insurance maps

Both buildings were bulldozed in the mid-1960's when the area was destroyed to make way for I-280.

Below: a ceremonial helmet presented to Eastern Hose No.2 by an East Orange official

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  1. I remember as a student at Stockton School visiting the new 1909 firehouse on a class trip. I was especially impressed by the pole the firemen would slide down when responding to a call. I lived at 64 Greenwood Ave. and attended Stockton school through 2nd grade when we moved in 1950. I remember all the local landmarks, the Oval playground and bar, Sabloffs store Bills ice cream and more...truly a great place to be a kid.