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The Grove Street Lackawanna Station Area During and Following the Elevation Project, 1921-1924

Photos courtesy of Steamtown NHS (National Historic Site) Archives

Above 8/1922

                                         Above X2361: Looking WSW across Greenwood Avenue in 1922; tall building is Lincoln (later Lincoln-Mayflower) Storage building; Firehouse #2 with training tower in left center; top of Grove Street Congregational Church is at far left, 1/26/1922

Below X2363: the rear of homes on the south side of Eaton Place near its intersection with 14th Street; this is the inclined section of track that leaves the depression or "cut" at Roseville to become the elevated part going through the Oranges, 1/26/1922

Above X2368: looking north across the railroad  along North Grove Street; the railroad was being elevated about 10 feet and then Grove Street was lowered to create an underpass, Grove Court Apts. on left, 1/26/1922

             Below X2369: looking east along the railroad from North Maple Street bridge  toward the intersection with Grove Street, 1/26/1922

Above X2370: looking west from North Maple Street bridge, Commonwealth Building (Main Street and Arlington Avenue) in background, 1922

Above X3385: looking east from North Grove Street, tall Lincoln (later Lincoln-Mayflower) Storage building on right, Grove Street Lackawanna station in center, Greenwood Apts (NE corner of Eaton Place and 19th Street/Greenwood Avenue) in distant left, 1924 

Below: looking east, Grove Street station in foreground, Sacred Heart Cathedral in left background, 1924

Above X3386: looking east from pedestrian bridge that replaced the North Maple Street bridge after elevation, 1924

Above: looking west across North Hollywood Avenue, Grove Street station on right, Grove Court Apartments (fronting on Grove Street) in background

Below X2366: looking ENE, Grove Street station at bottom, Sacred Heart Cathedral in center distance one mile away 1/26/1922

                              Below, 3/1921: looking NW across Eaton Place, The Oval to the left

Above (X1825) and below (X1826) east side of Greenwood Avenue between Eaton Place and the RR 3/12/1921

        Above (X1836) and below (X1837) east side of Greenwood Ave near Main St 3/12/1921

     Above (X1845): Grove Court Apartments, west side of Grove Street between the RR and Main Street 4/13/1921

                        Above (X1839): The Grove Apartments, west side of North Grove Street at RR

                                                                    Above (X1838): looking ESE toward east side of Greenwood Ave a few feet south of the RR 3/12/1921

                                                                    Below (X1831): looking SW at the north side of Hollywood Place; Grove St station is to photographer's right

 Above X1820: looking east from Greenwood Ave, back of homes on Eaton Place to the left, Libman building on N 15th St in center ,distance, 3/11/1921
             Below X1821: looking NE across RR toward houses at the intersection of Eaton Place and N. 16th St 3/11/1921

                                                Above X1822: 3/11/1921

        Below X1828: looking NW at the SE corner of Greenwood Avenue and Eaton Place 3/12/1921

                       Above X1834: looking SW at the intersection of Main St and Greenwood Ave, 3/12/1921

                              Below X1835 the SW corner of Main St and Greenwood Ave, 3/12/1921

Above X1832 and below X1833: looking SW toward houses on west side of Greenwood Ave between RR/Hollywood Place and Main St 3/12/1921

Above X1840, 3/1921: 1st house next (south side) to RR, east side of Grove Street
Below, X1841, 3/1921: 2nd house from (south side) to RR, east side of Grove Street

Above X1842, 3/1921: 3rd house from (south side)  RR, east side of Grove Street
Below X1843, 3/1921: 4th house from (south side)  RR, east side of Grove Street

Above X1844, 3/1921: west side of Grove St between the RR and Main St

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