Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Lincoln-Mayflower Building

Above and below: C1575 9/4/1913

One of the most significant landmarks in the Grove Street Lackawanna station neighborhood for 60 years was the building that, in its final years, was called the Lincoln-Mayflower Storage Building. It was the tallest structure in the area and was on a high piece of ground. It was built about 1912 and was knocked down in the early 1970's during construction of I-280.

                                          Above: 9/4/1913 soon after the building was completed

The building was originally operated as "J Dietrich Inc Fireproof Storage Warehouse"

 Below: detail from C2743, 6/17/1915

Above: C3017, 10/21/1915

Below: C3018 10/21/1915

                    Above X1841: By 3/15/1921 it was called the Lincoln Storage Warehouse

                                                              Below X2361, 1/26/1922
                                                           Above: detail from X2364 1/26/1922

                                                          Below: detail from X2639 8/22/1922

                                                             Below X3385, 4/4/1924

 Above X2366 looking ENE from roof of Lincoln Storage Warehouse, Sacred Heart Cathedral in center distance, one mile away 1/26/1922

Below X2367 looking W from roof of Lincoln Storage Warehouse, The Grove Apartments in foreground, Commonwealth Building at Arlington Ave and Main St in distant center  1/26/1922

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