Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Velma Anne Todd, Kindergarten Teacher

Velma Anne Todd: Born in Banner, Trego County, Kansas on Feb 25, 1910 to Francis Marion Todd and Rosa Gertrude Berger, she passed away on Dec 13, 1998 in Jamesburg, NJ.

Miss Todd was descended from a family that came to NJ from England in about 1675 and the line was in the Midwest by 1770, farming in Missouri and then Kansas where she was born. (I wonder if Miss Todd knew her ancestors were in NJ)

Post about Miss Todd and her 1952/53 Morning Class here.

Photo of her 1946/47 Class Here

I received this comment on the blog:

"Just found this blog and have been enjoying all the photos. My family lived in East Orange 1956-58 and I attended Calvary Roseville United Methodist Church until 1984. Miss Todd was head of the Sunday school and I taught 1 grade Sunday school underneath her supervision in 1970 (or so). Would have loved to see a photo of her in her younger days."

(Since Calvary Methodist Church is in East Orange and Roseville Methodist Church is in Newark, I'm not sure which church the person is referring to; or possibly Miss Todd moved from Calvary Ch. to Roseville Ch.).

In response to that comment, a former Stockton student wrote "Miss Todd was also my Sunday school teacher, [at Calvary Methodist Church in E.O] probably in an early primary grade. I believe she was also the teacher for my sisters and brother."

It's always nice to find out that the teachers had lives outside of Stockton. 

By the late 1960's (and probably much earlier) Miss Todd was living at 212 North Arlington Avenue in a garden apartment on the SW corner of N. Arlington Ave. and Park Ave. 

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    Just found this blog and have been enjoying all the photos. My family lived in East Orange