Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Helene Louise Cottrell: Vice Principal and Teacher in the 1930's

In 1938 Miss Helene Louise Cottrell was a 6th grade teacher and vice-principal. She then left Stockton to get her doctorate. Dr. Paul S Miller was principal of Stockton from 1929 to 1940 but Miss Cottrell may have had the position of vice-principal because, for many years, Stockton principals, including Dr. Miller, were concurrently principals of Eastern School.

Beginning in the 1920's and on into the 1940's Miss Cottrell is listed as the author of articles and booklets on education techniques and late in the 1940's as a coauthor on an education article with future Stockton principal John Thomas Greenan. One of her booklets lists her birth year as 1893.

According to a 1956 (in Vols 36-37) issue of Safety Magazine, Miss Cottrell had just passed away. The article stated that she had still been a teacher at Stockton when she retired and that, before her final illness. she had been operating a gift shop in Basin Harbor, Vermont.

A July 1, 2011 post lists some teachers who served with Miss H Louise Cottrell in the 1930's.

Photo of Miss Cottrell and some information courtesy of former Stockton student Marion Wohlhieter

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