Friday, July 1, 2011

Stockton Teachers 1930's

Below: Miss H Louise Cottrell       

Kindergarten: Miss Jaquith & Miss Dodd*
1st: Miss Emma McIntyre & Miss Madden
2nd: Miss Balthaser & Miss Cora Silvara Burns
3rd: Miss Mildred K  Linder & Miss Bess R Orr**
4th: Miss Jessie B McIntyre & Miss Mildred Anita Schenck
5th: Miss Sue E Garis*** & Mrs. Edna Cobb Dutcher****
6th: Miss Helene Louise Cottrell (also vice-principal) & Mrs. Frances B Jarvis
Principal: 1929 to 1940 : Dr. Paul Sloat Miller

Above: Miss Cora Silvara Burns in a 1946 1st grade class photo (photo courtesy of Barbara Larsen, a student in the class)

List (first names added to the original list as I discover them) and photo courtesy of Marion Wohlhieter who attended Stockton from 1931 to 1938. 

In the 1940 census Jessie B (53), Dora S (46), and Emma (44) McIntyre are shown living together at 142 Prospect St

In the 1940 census, Frances B Jarvis is shown living at 199 North Oraton Parkway with husband William I Jarvis and mother Mary Butler.

Miss Garis is buried with her brothers Philip and William and their wives in Newton Cemetery, Newton, Sussex County, NJ .

*Although Miss Dodd may not be descended from them, there had been Dodds (early documents have "Dod") in the Oranges since the late 17th century (Daniel Dod) and the first Dods had a sawmill and a copper mine and their area eventually became known as Doddtown.  The family property was on the "Second River," as it was called in the late 17th century,  and the land was generally where Soverel Field and the southern end of Watessing Park are now.

**Miss Orr was my 3rd grade teacher in 1955/56, 21 years later 

***Miss Garis is listed as leading the Stockton Audubon Society in a 1915 report. A former student writes that students, who had parental permission, walked to Branch Brook Park with Miss Garis one morning at 5 AM to hear the birds sing at daybreak.

****Mrs. Dutcher was the widow of Principal Edward Dutcher who had died in 1929


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