Sunday, October 14, 2012

East Orange Churches in the Early 20th Century

Above and below: Arlington Avenue Presbyterian Church at the NW corner of North Arlington Avenue and Springdale Avenue

Above and below: Disciples of Christ Church at the corner of 17th St and Park Avenue

Below: The earlier Disciples of Christ Church on a postcard postmarked 1908

                                            Above: Christ Church (Episcopal) on Main Street

Below: Brick Church

Below: Saint Johns Chapel (organized in 1851)

 Above and below: Sanford Street Methodist Episcopal Church; the church was on the west side of Sanford near the Central Avenue/Sanford Street intersection and was built between 1895 and about 1905.

                                         Above and below: Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church

              Above: the church with its front addition that was built between 1904 and 1911

                                           Below: the church before the addition

Above: Hawthorne Avenue Baptist Church

Above and below: Park Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church at the NW corner of the Park Avenue/North Grove Street intersection

The church was organized in 1882

Above: First Church of Christ Scientist, 154 North Oraton Parkway

Below: Sacred Heart Cathedral in center distance as seen from the Lincoln-Mayflower Building in 1922 (not East Orange, but only a mile from Stockton School)

Below: Bethel Presbyterian Church on the NW corner of Midland Avenue and Dodd Street 

St. Paul's on the NE corner of Prospect and Renshaw

                  Above: Trinity Congregational Church on South Harrison Street; built about 1893

Below: original Trinity Congregational Church on South Harrison built about 1872; Brick Church on Main                                                    Street can be seen in left background

Below: From History of the Oranges 1921


  1. How about adding Our Lady of the most Blessed Sacrament on Elmwood Ave and Saint Josephs on Treamont ave to your list odf Esat orange Churches .

    1. Since the blog covers East Orange primarily from 1863 to 1963, I've been relying on vintage postcards for the images. If you have a source for vintage (early 20th century) photos of those two churches, please let me know.

  2. I was so hoping to see the Incarnation Episcopal Church on, I believe, N. Maple Avenue.

    1. That church is not there (the lot is vacant) on a 1911 map, so I'm not sure what year it was built. It might not be an early 20th century church.

    2. I have updated the blog post with info about that church, built in the 1920's.

  3. It is heartbreaking to see Christ Church on Main Street abandoned today.