Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stockton Neighborhood Streets: Early 20th Century

Above: view looks north on Greenwood Ave. with William crossing in front of photographer; Stockton School is on photographer's right.

Below: 21st Street shown in this photo later was renamed Stockton Place; View is looking south on 21st toward William Street

Below: Park Avenue east of Grove Street

Above: Vernon Terrace north from William Street

Below: Grove Street north from William Street

Above: Grove Street south of William Street

Above and below: Greenwood Avenue and 19th Street

Below: 17th Street north from William Street

Above: Munn Avenue

Above: looking west across Greenwood Avenue; tall storage building was built about 1912 shortly before the photo was taken and in the mid-1950's it was Mayflower Storage

Above: New Street and Maple Avenue

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