Sunday, October 14, 2012

Main Street in the Early 20th Century

Above: looking west on Main Street toward Prospect Street intersection; R. H. Muir's Department Store on right, Brick Church in center

Above: 1913 view is looking west down Main from NW corner of Prospect St and Main St (photographer's back is to Muir's Department Store); Brick Church is just out of view to the right.
The building to the left of center is the East Orange location of a chain of grocery businesses of Charles M Decker & Brothers. In 1913, Caton Decker, one of the brothers, died at his home at 117 William (now renumbered 147 or 149 William) the house next door to where my family lived from 1947 to 1959.

Above: looking west with Brick Church to photographer's right
Below:  looking west with Muir's to photographer's right

Below: postmarked 1912

Above: looking east with Brick Church and Muir's in background;
tall (5 stories) red brick building in distant background is the Masonic Temple

Below: artist's view looking west southwest from Muir's corner

Above: looking west on Main Street with Brick Church out of view to the right

Below: looking west on Main Street from Harrison Street intersection; the Palace Theater is on the left in the distance

Above and below: Main Street looking west, just past where Main Street crosses the railroad

Above and below: looking west; postcards mistakenly say "east."

Above: looking east northeast on Main Street from northwest corner of the Walnut Street/Main Street intersection;
Brick building with spire is East Orange City Hall, dedicated on December 11, 1899
Below: looking east on Main Street across the Main Street/ Walnut Street intersection

Below: looking west on Main Street into Orange; photo was taken about 1910 from the roof of the Fairbanks Apartments which was just inside Orange near the border with East Orange; church in foreground began as Central Presbyterian Church, then became Holy Spirit Catholic Church

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