Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ampere Lackawanna Station Area, 1915/16/21/22

Photos courtesy of Steamtown NHS (National Historic Site) Archives

                     Above: looking north on North 18th Street across intersection of 18th Street,                                                                        Springdale Avenue, and the railroad

                                Below: looking NW across Springdale Avenue intersection

      Above and below: looking east on Springdale Avenue toward Newark, Crocker-Wheeler to right, Hotel                                                                      Ampere to left

Above: looking southeast, Crocker-Wheeler on left, Ward Bakery in distant center with tall smoke stack

Below: advertising photos circa 1920; view is looking east with Ampere Station and Crocker-Wheeler in background

Below: Ampere Station with the newly  Ward's Bakery in background

Above: Hotel Ampere at corner of Springdale Avenue and Division Streeet

Below: looking NW along railroad toward Springdale Avenue with firehouse at intersecton of railroad and Springdale Avenue
             Below: left side, looking SE on Ampere Plaza; right side, looking south on Centerway street
Below: the above building on a 1911 map

                        Above: looking NW with Crocker-Wheeler on right and Ampere Station on left

                                                            Below: looking SE

                                                           Above and below: looking SE

Above: looking SE across Springdale Avenue

Below: Firehouse #4 at intersection of railroad and Springdale Ave. This building was moved a few hundred feet and eventually became the Ampere Library

Below: looking NW toward the Springdale Avenue intersection

Above and below: looking N at area between 4th Avenue and Springdale Avenue

Above: old station (1890-circa 1905)

below: new station (circa 1905-1921)

                                                          Below: detail from photo above

                                   Below: postcard photo, may be a little older than above photo

Above and below: looking NE across 4th Avenue toward Post Office

Above: 1/25/1922, looking NW on Springdale Avenue

Below: 1/25/1922, looking SE across Springdale Avenue, firehouse on left, roof of Crocker and Wheeler in background


  1. Amazing pictures! Sabloff's candy store. Butterfingers 5 cents. On the right a rack of comics. Donald Duck and Capt. Marvel 10 cents. A counter for soda. The top window I remember of VJ day a lady throwing out confetti. Bills ice cream store accross the street a Hersey's cone for 5cents.

  2. Thanks for sharing these pictures. I lived on Ellington Street and remember visiting the station as a kid to watch the trains.

  3. Hi there, I now live in this are, can the person who publish the post reach out to me, please. Super interested to see If there might be more pictures of a street featured here. Thank you!

    1. I've posted every photo I could find of this area. Many exist because of the elevation of the railroad 100 years ago so the photographer stayed close to the area around the railroad. What particular street interests you?

    2. Thank you for responding! My street was called "Crescent Row" but now it's called Centerway. As the matter of fact, my house is a brick house and it still stands (approximately built in 1895 earliest record found in a Sanborn map, but might be older). Would have loved to see more pictures of it. Thank you so much for posting these! If by any chance and other pictures are found, please let me know. Thank you!