Tuesday, October 16, 2012

East Orange Street Views in the Early 20th Century

Above: looking south from William St toward Grove Place

Above: North Halsted Street

Below: Lenox Avenue


Above and below: Washington Street

                                                           Below: North Amherst Street

Above: NW corner of the South Munn Avenue, Central Avenue intersection; the East Orange Hospital is now at that location

Above: Shepard Avenue

Below: Prospect Street south of William Street

Above: William Street, possibly just west of Arlington Avenue

Above: South Eppirt Street

Above: Whittlesey Avenue
Below: South Clinton Street north of Beech Street

Above: North Grove Street, looking north from William toward Park Avenue

Above: Evergreen Place

Above: Springdale Avenue and Roosevelt Avenue

Above: Winans Street, looking north

Below: looking west on New Street; North Maple Avenue is to right; photographer's back is to Grove Street

Above: Harrison Street south of Central Avenue

Below: Harrison Street

                                   Above: Harrison Street looking toward Central Avenue

                                                       Below: Harrison Street looking north 

                                                       Below: South Maple Avenue

Above: looking north on South Grove Street from Central Avenue

Below: Harrison St postmarked 1924

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