Tuesday, July 17, 2012

North side of Main St between Greenwood Avenue and the Garden State Parkway, October, 1964

Kings Supermarket was built about 1955 at the NE corner of Main St and N. Grove St on the site of the historic Congregational Church which had burned in December, 1952

                                                                 Above: Eastern School
     Above: looking NE along Main St toward the corner of Main St and N. Maple St; the Palmer House at N. Maple and Main can be seen over the store buildings                                                                            
                               The Palmer House at the NW corner of Main St. and N. Maple St
                  Above: looking NE on Main St from the SW corner of Main St and S. Maple St

                   Below is an earlier (probably fall, 1956) photo of the car dealership at 160 Main when it was Griggs Ford

                          Above: looking NE on Main St toward the Main St/ Grove St intersection
                       Looking NE on Main St from the SW corner of Main St and S. Grove St

Above: the white brick two-story building is on the NE corner of N. Hollywood Ave. and Main St; the building was the original home of the firehouse Eastern Hose Company #2 in 1883

Below: the same building on an 1895 insurance map (there was no corner then, because N. Hollywood Avenue did not exist yet) 

        Below: looking NW on Main St at the block between Greenwood Ave. and N. Hollywood Ave
All of these photos (except the Griggs Ford photo) were taken by Dr. Sam Berg in October, 1964 and document this historic neighborhood shortly before it was bulldozed to make way for I-280. The photos are from the Berg Collection and are courtesy of the Newark Public Library. The south side of Main Street which includes The Beacon Movie Theater and The Barn restaurant is shown here in another post.

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